Smartphone iPhone 7 Plus Retro in the style of early PCs Apple

The company introduced a new vision ColorWare smartphone iPhone 7 Plus, which returns almost to the origins of Apple. The handset is called iPhone 7 Plus Retro, and it is made in the style of the early Apple computers, and even the color of the case is the same.

iPhone 7 Plus Retro smartphone will be warmly welcomed by the LGBT sect due to the fact that even the Apple logo is made in the old style, and earlier, if anyone remembers, it was painted in all colors of the rainbow. The new-look iPhone really is the seventh – despite of being a old days, it looks fresh and original, and true fans of the brand will be just delighted with it. And yes, before Apple computers really stand out from the ordinary PC, and then still had a problem with one connector on your whole computer, as is done in the current MacBook.

There is only one flaw in iPhone 7 Plus Retro – is its cost, which will be 1900 US dollars, but inside is just 256 GB of memory. In fact, the cost of the painting minus the usual price iPhone 7 Plus is, is 930 US dollars. For those who are not willing to spend that kind of money on the means of communication, there is Ali Express – there if a good rummage can be found in the respective bumper coloring, only ten times cheaper.



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