Some Galaxy S8 started their own to go into an endless reboot loop

Surprisingly, there were problems with the Samsung Galaxy S8 – a growing number of users said that their brand new smart phones have begun spontaneously reboot. Apparently, the phenomenon has a very large scale – outraged owners of Galaxy S8 created several posts with discussions on Reddit, the official forum of Samsung and other sites related to the world of high technology. Some people even say that the phone can not be turned on after the restart, while others claim that it is caused by malfunction of the phone with a microSD memory card.

What was the issue?

Currently, the Samsung official forum created topic discussion of the problem, has scored 20 pages. In it, users complain of strange restart Galaxy S8 and errors in the phone’s memory card. Fault Symptoms are divided into several types – after restarting the application can move from one place to another, as the smartphone can simply turn on. Also, some users noticed during the restart error which relates to the microSD card.

But the basic number of dissatisfied owners of Galaxy S8 say their phone fell into an endless reboot loop, turn on and off every few minutes. This forces the user to do a full reset of your device. However, a full reset only helps for a few hours – then the problem occurs again. One user claims that he completely dropped the memory and the settings of your Galaxy S8 already 15 times, but this does not solve the problem.

What makes the Samsung?

As smartphone users say, the Samsung offers them to send the phone for repair, return it to the store, or get a new Galaxy S8. But it is possible the emergence of the same problems with the new phone. Apparently, the source of the fault is not defined precisely and a viable solution has not yet been found.


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