Sony stops Concept-testing firmware on Xperia X

Sony is developing a parallel two kinds of firmware – the standard and experimental Concept with the prefix in the name. Last initially tested among the Xperia Z3 users. The Sony last year dropped support for Xperia Z3 within Concept initiative and made basic Xperia X. According to the latest information, in the near future (to be precise, in the end of May) Xperia X is waiting for the fate of his predecessor. This means that in the future, Sony will not release experimental firmware for this device, and the main handheld device for testing will be the Xperia XZ Premium. It is expected that the smartphone will be available in June. As for users Xperia X, it is worth recalling that after the last OTA under the initiative Concept you will no longer receive any updates, including monthly patches to improve protection system. Sony recommends that users Xperia X, participating in the testing program, return to the standard firmware after the cessation of support for their device.


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