Sony updated line sensors for cameras smartphones with built-in RAM

Company Sony introduced another update line sensors for smartphone cameras. Now it includes a three-layer CMOS model, in which the third layer is a built-in memory. In practice, this means that the camera of your smartphone can potentially support the movie from 1080p at 1000 frames per second. This is actually the camera will write two streams simultaneously – one at the normal rate, and the second high. Both of them will be stored in the internal RAM- memory for subsequent processing of the device software, and at the exit you get to incorporate fragments with slow motion in a normal movie. Another plus – the ability to recognize the camera when you shook the hand and to stop these shots.

In addition to dramatically increased video capabilities, and added advantages to conventional photography. Pictures with a resolution of 19.3 MP can be made with a 1/120 shutter speed. Previously, all depended on the threshold data from the camera to the chipset, limiting exposure of 1/30 seconds in most cases. The baud rate is not increased, but the presence of a dedicated RAM in the sensor reduced the need for steps to transfer. Thus, it turns out that the new module does not impose higher requirements to the chipset for the implementation of its features.


If we talk about the characteristics of the sensor, this 21-megapixel matrix with a resolution of 5520 to 3840 points, the size of 1 / 2.3 inches with a pixel size of 1.22 microns, outstanding Bayer RAW format images and having DRAM 1GB.

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