STARK smart watches does not need charging

Announced Stark smart watch that can currently sponsor on Kickstarter. The device is interesting because it does not need to charge, plus it costs only 40 US dollars, with almost nothing behind much more expensive counterparts.

Watch Stark can work with smartphones on Android and iOS-based means of Bluetooth 4.0, and they are built pedometer, sleep quality controller, calorie counter, and all that is in the modern fitness trackers. At the same time he can work as a remote control and alarm equipment. Stark received a 42-mm case thickness 11 mm with protection against water and can be equipped with standard straps and bracelets 22 millimeters thick, which is very convenient.

Stark All functions do not work on the battery and on the CR2032 batteries, which can be purchased for mere pennies in any store. The energies of this battery will last for four months, and then he just changed to a new one. Apparently, Stark hours waiting for a huge success as all already tired of constantly charge their trackers and other wearable electronics. This can be seen as a result of charges: instead of the requested $ 20,000 has already collected more than $ 100,000, and it is only the beginning, because the campaign will last for almost a month. Date of commencement of sales Stark has not been established.

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