CANADAGSM.CA explains What is factory unlocking / remote unlocking?

What is factory unlocking / remote unlocking?

Often carriers will “lock” their devices so you’re restricted to use their services only. The only clean option to use to free your phone from the stock carrier is by Factory Unlock. No Walking to a Shop to waste precious time! No Cables! No Opening of phone! It is the safest and your phone is unlocked anywhere around the globe.


How we unlock your network locked phone

We generate codes to decode and unlock mobile phones. Our system is linked to unlocking servers situated in 3 continents which offer fast turnaround times to have your phone successfully unlocked. When you place order with us, we send you an email and SMS containing your unlock code with instructions on how to insert it into your phone to get unlocked forever.

We provide unlock codes for Samsung, LG, HTC, Xperia, Nokia Lumia, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE., Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Pantech. We remotely unlock your phone by accessing the IMEI (*#06#): that means No Cables! Just be at home and have your phone unlocked to use all sim cards. Our dedicated and reliable unlock servers guarantee faster turnaround times. Your phone is decoded or unlocked for life. No relocking whatsoever