For Samsung Gear S3 came three multifunction dial

One of the features of smart watches is the ability to configure their dial not only the style of clothing, but also a lifestyle that they appear really useful information for you. Samsung has released a flagship for smart watches Gear S3 three new multifunction dial: Travel for travelers, Outdoor Hiking and Sports for athletes. Each of them is designed for specific situations and in accordance with the information display will change.

Dial Sport displays the altimeter, the heart rate, route information, speedometer and stopwatch. It is available in six colors. With a tap on the screen opens the desired function, and dual – setting.

Dial Travel shows just two time zones, the temperature information, the local currency and the access to the map, which shows the distance traveled. This dial is available in four colors.

Outdoor displays hours altimeter, battery level, the barometer, the level of illumination, weather, time of sunrise and sunset. It is also available in four colors.