LENOVO will release the VR-Helmet in the second half of 2017

Lenovo is preparing for the relatively rapid release of its new head-mounted display for Windows Holographic. He has no name, and he was presented earlier this year at CES 2017, but hurry Lenovo yet nowhere, so the start of sales is scheduled for the second half of 2017.

More specifically, the new VR-gadget from Lenovo will be released in late August or early September, at which he hinted Mayk Eberi, vice president of the US division of consumer devices. BP-helmet Lenovo looks like all such gadgets outside and inside vapor hidden OLED-screens, one for each eye, and the resolution of each pixel is increased to 1400h1400.

The exterior of the helmet is supplemented by two front-facing camera for orientation in space, as well as various sensors and sensors that not only the user, but also the accessory see what is happening around. This approach eliminates the need for external cameras and sensors. On the value of VR-new items from Lenovo to say it is too early. Experts agree that it would be in the region of $ 300 to $ 400, but in the end can be very different, so that for almost half a year before the release guess it makes no sense.