Motorola will return the legendary RAZR as Moto Mod

Motorola, which became a division of the Chinese Lenovo, decided to revive the legendary clamshell RAZR, but in the form of a replaceable functional bar Moto Mod . At least, this hints at the message of the Malaysian unit Moto in the social network Facebook.

How exactly the manufacturer of RAZR in the form of Moto Mod represents is not yet clear. However, the hint is given quite transparent – another so legendary model of Moto in the 2000s just was not there. Literally in the caption to the picture the following is said: “The return of the cult Moto, which changed the 2000. This time new and improved, in the form of Moto Mod.”

Let’s remind, the Moto Mod pads extend the functionality of Moto Z smartphones, adding to them such features as the camera’s ultra-zoom, acoustics, projector, battery and so on.