Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge took the World’s Best Camera Phone Tilttle

Earlier many have been skeptical that Samsung’s decision to replace the standard 16-megapixel camera on the Galaxy S lineup with a 12-megapixel photo snapper is completely wrong.

However, after the first wave of reviews were published, a new picture has started to shape, one that would describe the Galaxy S7 edge’s camera as one of the best on the market.

As we mentioned in our Samsung Galaxy S7 review, the phone’s 12-megapixel camera is blazing fast when it comes to focus. It’s faster than laser autofocus, or anything else that’s been included in smartphones these days.

Thanks to the dual-pixel technology inside the camera, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge benefit from the fastest autofocus feature.

The experts at DxOMark have tested the Galaxy S7 edge camera and confirmed that it’s the best on the market. With a score of 88 points, the 12-megapixel camera inside the Galaxy S7 edge ranks 1st place on the current DxOMark Mobile database.

“The main strengths of Samsung’s S7 edge photos are its excellent and repeatable exposures in all conditions, fast and accurate autofocus, and a very good compromise between noise and detail,” explains DxOMark.

Furthermore, DxOMark praises the overall exposure of the Galaxy S7 edge camera, as well as the dynamic range captured both indoors and outdoors. Also, colors are vivid and pleasant in both lighting conditions, while white balance outdoors is accurate.

According to DxOMark, “the S7 edge delivers accurate exposures in a range of different lighting conditions, and exposures are repeatable, producing consistent results for consecutive shots. Even when shooting tricky high-contrast scenes, the S7 edge copes admirably, rendering good contrast, making it a good choice for strong backlit landscapes or portrait photography.”

The only downsides of the Galaxy S7 edge’s camera is the fact that the ringing is visible and that under a tungsten light source, a warm/yellow cast is visible. Also, in very high dynamic scenes, brightest tone parts are clipped (lose detail).



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