The Android O will be self-destructing notice

Last month, Google released the first beta of the new version of the operating system All Android About . The company seriously revamped notification system, adding channels. This will allow users to block, for example, all the news notification, but receive notifications for new messages. However, for this, developers will be required to optimize their applications. We now know that the Android O will be self-destructing notification that will disappear from the notification center after some time.

If you are registered in several social networks and get a lot of notice, sometimes they can accumulate and clutter the status bar or the notification center. Moreover, some notices may simply not relevant, but they will continue to be displayed. The Android O this problem should be solved with the help of Self Destruct notifications.

Developers will be able to set timers for notifications. After a time, they will automatically disappear. For example, if you received a notification about the event coming today evening, but did not see it the same day, tomorrow there will not be any sense. A similar situation will fare with notifications regarding discounts, etc.


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