The new Apple Watch and iPhone may receive a DC generator

Companies Patents are not always used in real devices, but often they are described quite interesting idea. For example, Apple filed to the Agency for the registration of patents and trade marks US patent application, which describes the use of direct current generator capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy, the iPhone and the Apple Watch smart watches this week. The document refers to the charging system using rotational magnetic field to move the electric generator within the portable device. Generated with the electric energy can be stored in a battery or other energy reservoir.

The patent also states that, alternatively, the device may use the same magnetic field for the coil or coils of the spring. Like the chronometer, the coil has a constant rotating force of a series of wheels, gears or directly on the charge generator to produce electricity.


In some embodiment, it indicates the possibility of using a rotary rotor connected magnetically coupled to the driven rotor disposed inside a portable device. When the main rotor turns, the slave and repeats its motion that also allows you to produce energy. For this, both the rotor must be made of a magnetic material, and the enclosure must be magnetically neutral. This allows the generator or a spring mechanism to be fully self-contained within the device.


The use of such technology in the iPhone or iPad is very doubtful, however, in the case of the owner of the Apple Watch could slowly charge it during the day, thus increasing the battery life.


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