The world-famous watch manufacturer S-Watch will launch its own OS

The Swatch Company, the world-famous watch manufacturer, has recently discovered the wearable electronics market and found that it is already divided, and it can not share. Such an alignment of her, of course, did not accept, and she began to work on its own platform for this kind of device, calling it Swiss OS.


Firmware Swiss OS, as desired by Swatch leadership will move a little monsters like Android Wear and Tizen OS, due to a number of competitive advantages. The authors have assured journalists in the “highest Swiss quality” of the software product, stressing that emphasize not only and not so much on the stability, but on a reliable system to protect user data. And as meynstrinomu the consumer does not care about privacy, we can assume that Swatch watches on the basis of Swiss OS will focus on the business segment.

Also Swiss OS will differ a minimum level of energy consumption of the battery, and it is a stone in the garden of the Google, and support for wireless modules, including Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi, will allow the gadgets based on it to connect to smartphones, so there is a chance to get a hybrid of fitness tracker and expensive watches. Unfortunately, the release date of the first products based on the Swatch Swiss OS has not yet been established.



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