This year Samsung will offer phablets that will range in screen size to as big as 6 inches

During the conference call with analysts it held following the release of its Q4 earnings, Samsung said to expect it to launch more tablets with bigger displays, and more phablets in 2014. Citing the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 12.2 and the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, Samsung executive director Hyunjoon Kim said that the company created a whole new category of high-resolution, big-screened tablets for businesses.

Samsung is looking to take over the top spot in tablets, and appears ready to use the same strategies it employed for its smartphone business. That means, offering a number of different SKUs with different features to cover every screen size and price point. Kim stated that the company will take the Galaxy Tab and modify it to produce different versions of the slate.

The Samsung executive also noted how the Korean manufacturer took over leadership of the large-screen phablet market when it launched the original generation Samsung GALAXY Note back in 2011. Upcoming phablets will offer different screens, an improved S Pen and improved Multi-Windows. The latter is an application that allows users to run two apps simultaneously on the screen. The phablets being offered by Samsung this year, will range in screen size to as big as 6 inches.

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