Update iOS 10.3 weaned iPhone constantly to call 911

Released recently updated iOS 10.3 closed the vulnerability, forcing iPhone repeatedly dial the number 911, which is used in the US for emergency calls.

Recall “the vulnerability of the 911” became public after the 18-year-old young man from Arizona has published code that made the iPhone to dial 911 again and again. The young designer was arrested after the system 911 in the town of Surprise Arizona (Surprise) was overloaded with more than 100 calls in just a minute. In fact, it showed how cybercriminals can easily disable the emergency services.

IPhone code uses a function that automatically starts to dial the number when a user simply clicked on the number in the text or on the website. In iOS 10.3 before entering the smartphone will require reconfirmation from the user before you start dialing.


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