Virtual reality and now can sniff

Manufacturers of machinery and igrodely active storm VR-market. In recent years, a virtual arena in addition to a variety of glasses, lit a lot of other devices with the prefix VR: various audio devices, gloves and vests with tactile communication. Now developers and smelling sights. Probably inspired by the comic movie about Nosulus the Rift , of the company’s engineers created CamSoda addition to VR-headset capable of transmitting odors. The device is called OhRoma.


OhRoma includes two containers, each of which comprises three slots for cartridge flavors. The developers really did their best, because the total “palette” consists of 30 different odors. For greater convenience and deeper into the world of virtual reality company CamSoda introduced mobile app through which you can configure a specific scent during a walk on the VR.

Order OhRoma mask can now. The cost of the device is about $ 70, meanwhile cartridges can be purchased for $ 6. The manufacturer also offers a kit consisting of OhRoma and 30 flavors available, priced at $ 99. Deliveries of new items from CamSoda start in the first half of this year.


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