Vivosmart 3 new fitness bracelet released by Garmin

Garmin has announced the release of a novelty – a compact fitness tracker vívosmart 3 displeem- “invisible” and intellectual stuffing, which the manufacturer has positioned as a device for people who are seriously passionate about the sport, but they are not professional athletes.

The owners presented the gadget will be able to obtain information on their physical condition in real time. vívosmart 3, according to the company, is perfect as a personal assistant to a healthy lifestyle: a smart, light, thin, with a hidden display that becomes visible only after activation, receive alerts or notifications.

vívosmart 3 counts the number of steps, lifting floors, calories burned, tracks minutes of intense stress and sleep settings, and has a round the clock monitoring stress levels.

With the device, you can take a shower and swim in the pool. battery power allows the tracker to operate without recharging for up to five days. Alerts from the compatible smartphone device will be coming soon on the bracelet.

vívosmart 3 detects changes in pulse rate at rest and on the basis of the received information calculates the stress level. If the pulse is too higher than normal, the tracker will offer breathing exercise for relaxation. With Garmin Connect application, you can analyze the stress data for a longer period of time, identify patterns, make a change in life style and reduce the impact of situations that provoke tension and anxiety.

vívosmart 3 is offered in two colors – black and purple. Black bracelets are available in three sizes – small, medium and large, violet trackers are represented by two sizes – small and medium. About the beginning of sales vívosmart 3 will be announced later.


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