XWatch EX16 Smart Watch can be purchased for $20 only

The first “smart” watches have appeared on the market a few years ago, but is still very popular these devices are not in use. Many believe that the current smart watches are quite expensive and are not always characterized by a sufficient battery life. Novelty called XWatch EX16 does not have these two disadvantages. The device can be purchased for $ 19.99, and a small battery charge will last for 8 months of standby time or 12 months when activating the power saving mode.
XWatch EX16

The watch has a Bluetooth 4.0 module, through which the clock can be synchronized with the mobile device, and they will notify you of new messages and notifications. In addition, XWatch EX16 can control your smartphone camera to track the number of steps taken, the approximate distance and calories burnt.

XWatch EX16 - 1

However, there have XWatch EX16 and disadvantages. The first of these can be considered that the clocks only work with mobile devices on the Android platform, the second – lack of heart rate sensor, and the third – the inability to download third-party applications.


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