How to Start a Conference Call on Sony Xperia U

With conference call you can talk to two or more parties simultaneously right thru your phone. Adding multiple participants even if your on a call is just few taps away withSony Xperia U. Here’s how to create a conference call.

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Fido Canada Sony Xperia U ST25a Instrucciones Liberar

1. If you’re on an ongoing call, tap Menu.

2. Then dial the number of the second participant and tap Call.

3. When the second participant answers the call, the first call is put on hold.

4. Tap onto start the conference call. Repeat the same steps to add more participants tothe conference call.

To have a private conversation with one of the participants

1. Tap the button showing the number of participants during the ongoing conference call.

2. Then tap on the name of the participant you wish to talk privately.

3. To end the conversation and return to the conference call, tap

To release a participant during the ongoing conference call

1. Tap the button showing the number of participants during the ongoing conference call.


2. Then tap END Call next to the participant you want to release from the call.

To end the conference call

1. During the conference call, just tap End Conference Call.

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